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The first online platform to connect you to registered doctors who are experts in the ancient evidence-based science of linking signs and symptoms to herbal structures.


Herbal Medicine

TEAM uses the ancient method of aligning evidence-based indications to perfectly structured ancient herbal structures to restore natural function.



TEAM approach to Acupuncture is to simply restore the natural movement of gas, fluids and blood with fine, pain-free needling and moxibustion methods.


126-128 Toorak Road, South Yarra.

South Yarra Clinic


69 Mitchell Street, Bendigo.

Bendigo Clinic


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Australia’s premiere clinics for Traditional East Asian Medicine.

Our treatment strategy is simple and remarkable - align the disease pattern with the formula/acupuncture pattern based on factual indications to restore natural function.

TEAM works towards the restoration of factual Chinese medicine formed on evidence-based signs and symtoms. We have developed a measured platform in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine that enables us to systematically analyse, record and reproduce results.

Our diagnostic approach is based on the Zhou Dynasty science of pattern identification according to the movements of gas, fluids and blood. We prescribe Acupuncture and/or perfectly structured and safe Chinese herbal formulations based on canonical literature to then restore movement and natural bodily function.

We are not establishing a new approach to chinese medicine; we are simply restoring that which has been lost to benefit those who seek to learn or experience the art of medicine in the treatment of disease.