We are focused on substantive input to distinguish fractal similarities and differences of disease and formula applications, helping us to codify information for the purpose of Chinese Medical research.

Our approach to Chinese Medicine is rooted in the Zhou dynasty methods of aligning evidence-based indications with perfectly structured and unmodified ancient formula applications - which was revived by the great Japanese physician and our lineage forefather, Todo Yoshimasu (1702-1772).

Traditional East Asian Medical Clinic is result orientated; applies a measured platform in both diagnosis and application of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, which enables us to systematically analyse and reproduce results.

After thorough consultation; including advanced pulse diagnosis, abdominal palpation and questioning. We explain the disease mechanism according to Traditional East Asian Medicine principles, then apply Acupuncture and/or have your formula of herbs (organic and tested) prepared according to your request (powder, bulk, capsule or sachets) ready on site or sent to your address.

Furthermore, we have created the platform to do the required research into the benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine and invest into projects that better the understanding and application of East Asian Medicine in Australia. 


Online Consultations. 

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